V7/x86 Virtual Machine

V7/x86 is available as a virtual machine package that is usable with various emulators and virtualization applications. These include Bochs, VMware products such as Player and Workstation, and Oracle VirtualBox. (Tested using Bochs 2.5.1, VMware Player 4.0.3, and VirtualBox 3.2.6.)

For Bochs, the supplied bochsrc file is what is needed.

For VMware, use the .vmx file.

For VirtualBox, add the .vmdk file using the media manager and then set up a simple virtual machine from scratch (Operating System: Other; Version: Other/Unknown; Memory: 16 megabytes).

Download the V7/x86 virtual machine package: v7x86-0.8a-vm.zip.

Refer to the V7/x86 page for general information, including other download options.